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Marketplace Launch on 15/03/2021

Selling and buying raw materials and packaging for personal care, perfumes and cosmetics
(other segments coming soon)

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An enviroment focused on buying and selling products and packaging

Advantages of selling & buying at


Access for all players of the Brazilian market.


Increased efficiency governance and service.


Up to 12 months payment terms.


Improved Customer Experience.

Sustainability - environmental, social & economic, fostered by Quimiweb.

We encourage our users to develop sustainable solutions and reward the best with special conditions and discounts.

Empty packages return to our network of certified recyclers, generating both money and reward points for the buyers as also giving sellers and buyers the guarantee of correct treatment.

Technical Service online with specialists.

Multichannel relationship with specialists and experts prepared to offer the best experience in the B2B purchase journey.

Trying to find the right product? Looking to improve the formulation or process? Want to develop a new product? The live expert helps out!

Digital purchasing platform with complete data and operations security.

Security is essential for carrying out operations. That is why we have the best practices and partners in the market so that our business enviroment is the safest, both in legal matters and also in cybersecurity and compliance.

How can you step into our marketplace?

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

Integrate your inventory, prices and start selling.

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