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Quimiweb is the first global community for companies, professionals and students in the chemical industry. Together we promote sustainable development through the digital transformation.

We promote sustainable development through digital transformation.

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Our team

The union of chemistry with technology.

David Baecker

David Baecker

CEO & Co-Founder

David is an executive and businessman with solid expertise in the chemical industry. He lead teams in several companies, as e.g. the multinational BASF, among others.

Born in Germany, David was responsible for big projects in several countries and now is the CEO of Quimiweb.

Otavio Lima

Otavio Lima

CTO & Co-Founder

Otavio is a well experienced Brazilian entrepreneur. Innovating in the IT area since he was 16 years old he has great professional achievements in his career.

He founded start ups in Brazil as also in the Silicon Valley and was responsible for lauching the first B2B marketplace in Brazil. He is the CTO of Quimiweb.

Ricardo Matos

Ricardo Matos

Head of Business & Strategy

Ricardo is a chemical research and founder of the junior company Principia Jr. at Federal University of São Paulo.

During the past years he had an excellent career in Brenntag, where he was responsible for the technical team, training, innovation, R&D, technology digital projects and data science.

Gabriela Esquerdo
Marketing & Community

Camila Fernandes
Designer & Social Media

Lavínia Palácio
Digital Sales Strategy

Sávio Gonçalves
Customer Service

Rodrigo Noguti
Web Developer

Thiago Soares

Gustavo Botelho
Head f Packaging

Fábio Rodrigues

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